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продам фирму ОАЭ с лицензией. 2006 год. не офшор.

Россия, Кемеровская область, Кемерово

продам фирму ОАЭ с лицензией. 2006 год. не офшор.

Цена: 97 500 000

Прибыль: не указана

Выручка: не указана

Основные средства: н/п

Материалы: н/п

Недвижимость: н/п

Год основания: 2006

Персонал: 0

продам фирму ОАЭ с лицензией. 2006 год. не офшор.

Описание бизнеса

Greetings, I hope this email finds you well. As per your request, here are some information about the investment proposal. ® The license has been issued in yr. 2006 ® Legal Status: Limited Liability Company - Sing ® Activities: • Trading Refined Oil Products Abroad • Trading Crude Oil Abroad • Onshore & Offshore Oil & Gas Fields services • Oilfield High Pressure Equipment Testing • Oilfield & Natural Gas Well Equipment Repairing & Maintenance • Oilfield & Natural Gas Equipment & Spare parts Trading • Refined Oil Products Trading • Lubricants & Grease Trading ® The company uses 2 bank accounts: -ENBD -INVEST BANK ® Under this license very few transactions were made for local and Oman market only ® There are No liabilities under the company or license of any kind ® The Company seized all activities from 2014 ® The new investor can take over 100% of the company with a new local partner of his choice or keep the current partner ® The Price requested its $ 1,500,000 ® The new investor can sign the agreement without any down payment. Payment can be done in full once the company is handed over to him at Dubai Economic Department office

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